Wedding Photography Testimonials

We're proud of the photography we've done for couples all over Sydney. Read their stories here...


"It was hard enough trying to find a venue for our reception, considering the time of year and then when it came to finding a wedding photographer, we had no idea where to start. We asked around and we heard about Ivan and gave him a call. We found him to be so friendly and accommodating. And not only were their rates affordable, we received our photos before we even got back from our honeymoon!"



" our love story was told in a way we didn't think was possible. They knew where to be, what angles to shoot from and they just let us flow with the moment. I'm so glad we chose them and we wholeheartedly recommend them"



"We didn't want any fancy bells and whistles and we wanted to make sure there were no tacky photos either. When you see a great portfolio, you want them to back that up by taking great photos of your wedding. Even though everyone takes their shots by the Harbour Bridge and near the Opera House, They  knew how to make our shots stand out from the rest. They're the best in Sydney by far."



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