A word about...


My name is Ivan Parade. I am the owner and operator of ‘Sydney City Weddings’ based out of Sydney, Australia.


My passion for photography developed from a young age. The ability to capture people, their emotions and moments in time started from the earliest stages of using a Polaroid and the memories of excitement as I’d wait for the image to appear.  I'd sit there and impatiently wait for the photo to develop and watch as each of the shapes and colors would appear with such excitement. Then came the first single use camera my parents got me in the 1980s to the high end digital SLR technology that I use in my work today. With the evolution of technology, my skills, ideas and creativity have also evolved with it.


After my departure from the Australian Army in 2005, I decided to pursue my love for photography. Initially my subjects and focus were surrounding fashion as well as people.  I was asked to shoot my first wedding in 2006 and it was there that I developed a huge love for  the  field of photography as it truly gave me a chance to capture all  that is amazing in our lives.


In 2007 , I started my own Photography business  focusing on weddings and events. Each day I wake up happier than ever  knowing that i am pursuing my passion and helping capture the most precious moments that make up your life . 8 years later I average over 45 weddings a year with my main motivation being to deliver the most captivating images I can come up with. I push myself  each time  I am behind the camera to do things that are outside the box. I strive for excellence and am constantly seeking to improve and adapt new styles and techniques into my work.  


I am inspired by my surroundings , my friends, and by life itself. I have been fortunate enough to travel to some truly amazing places over the past 8 years.  When i was in the army, i assisted in taking images for the troops and their families and now although the subject has changed, the foundation is still the same.  Along the way , throughout my experience  I have come across people of all walks of life. The many people I have seen and met along the way have helped shape and cultivate the way that I see and perceive this world. This has helped me in the work that I create.


The morning of each wedding , I wake up with the utmost excitement knowing that  today, two people , surrounded by their family and friends will be making a promise for a lifetime of love for one another. All the emotions that come with the day, the nerves, the excitement, the tears and the joy are all what make my job worthwhile.